My Grab Bag Came Home

I came home last Thursday to a notice from the Post Office – they were holding a package, waiting for me to come by and sign the magic electronic signing pad. Friday morning, first thing, I headed down to the Post Office, gave them the notice, signed the pad, and happily accepted my package. It was my Grab Bag quilt from Amy Cooke.

If it’s scary to send off your Grab Bag quilt, hoping that the owner is happy with what you did, it’s almost as scary to open yours when it comes home. What if I don’t like it? Will it fit somewhere in my home? Will I be sorry I participated?

As in prior challenges, my quilt looks nothing like what I imagined. And it’s wonderful, full of things I wouldn’t have thought of or tried. In Amy’s words: “The intense sunlight in my pepper image made the irrigation ditches  and resulting rising mist shimmer.” The edging is made of silk petals that she couldn’t fit into the quilt. It sparkles and shimmers and reflects the light. It’s given me some ideas of things to try in another quilt.

Every challenge is a learning opportunity and a chance to grow as an artist. In the end, I think that the process is as important as the product. (But it’s an extra bonus when you like the product too!)

About wallcough

Trying to find beauty and joy in the world around me . I am many things, among them a quilter, a knitter, and an incessant reader. There is not enough time for them all, so I jump in between them as the mood hits me. Professionally - a rabbi; a hospice chaplain.
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