Not your usual vacation photo

My husband does not like having his picture taken. He’ll tolerate a few shots. We do have wedding photos and photos from my stepdaughter’s wedding, but other than that, the photos are few and far between. We may be the only people who go on a vacation and come home with one picture of me and none of him. The rest are a combination of typical tourist photos (“Oh look – it’s France.”) and photos I take for inspiration for art.

However, since I’ve been taking drawing classes, I suddenly have more pictures of my husband. So here is my camera-shy husband on the beach:

About wallcough

Trying to find beauty and joy in the world around me . I am many things, among them a quilter, a knitter, and an incessant reader. There is not enough time for them all, so I jump in between them as the mood hits me. Professionally - a rabbi; a hospice chaplain.
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